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Firesleeve is a high-temperature resistant sleeve commonly made from fiberglass and coated with silicone rubber. It's designed to protect hoses, wires, and cables from extreme heat, flame, molten splash, and abrasion. Given its protective qualities, Firesleeve finds applications across various sectors and industries


The automotive industry is continually evolving, with safety and durability at the forefront of design and manufacturing processes.
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Smelting Industries

The smelting industry, known for its extreme temperatures and harsh working conditions, demands robust and reliable protective solutions for its equipment and machinery.
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Heavy Industrial Plants

Firesleeves offer a multitude of benefits in heavy industrial plants, serving as vital components for safety, asset protection, and operational efficiency.
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The Rail Industry

Firesleeves offer numerous benefits in the rail industry, where safety, reliability, and operational efficiency are paramount.
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The Mining Industry

Firesleeves offer numerous benefits in the mining industry, where rugged conditions, heavy machinery, and hazardous materials are commonplace.
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Marine Engine Rooms

Firesleeves offer a range of benefits in marine engine rooms, which are critical areas of ships where engines, generators, fuel systems, and various machinery are housed.
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Oil & Gas Sector

Firesleeves offer a multitude of benefits in the oil and gas sector, where operations involve high temperatures, flammable materials, and harsh environmental conditions.
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Offshore Wind Power Generation

Firesleeves offer several benefits in offshore wind power generation, where equipment reliability, safety, and durability are crucial for sustainable energy production in harsh marine environments.
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